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MedSpa located in Studio City, Los Angeles, CA

About Our Practice

Destinations Medical Spa Los Angeles is a medical spa offering luxury services in the Studio City area of Los Angeles, California. Double board-certified physician John Neely, MD, leads the team of friendly medical professionals who specialize in using the most current aesthetic services for face and body rejuvenation and enhancement. 

Patients trust the Destinations Medical Spa Los Angeles team to guide them through advanced aesthetic services. Every patient gets personalized and attentive care that prioritizes their individual goals and needs. The team always follows up with a timely consultation to make sure patients are satisfied and can communicate any concerns. 

Patients can draw inspiration from the most innovative nonsurgical treatments available and express their goals to the team. Destinations Medical Spa Los Angeles uses advanced techniques and technology to offer patients smoother skin, a brighter glow, enhanced hair growth, and many other possible enhancements.

The team at Destinations Medical Spa Los Angeles specializes in microneedling, including Morpheus8, as well as chemical peels and other skin-enhancing therapies. Patients can choose from several Hydrafacial MD® options for soft and well-nourished skin. 

Dr. Neely and the team also specialize in a variety of safe and customizable injectable treatments including fillers, Sculptra®, neurotoxins, and injectable platelet-rich plasma (PRP). 

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